The Squishables
Season 2, Episode 9
Date November 9, 2010
What-To-Do Participate in the Be A Champion contest to see Tony Richardson and get jets stuff
Characters Lubch, Patchy, Thaud, Err, Cee, Grate, Explosve, Skippy, Mape, Beja
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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Lubch gets news from Patchy about a contest. He talks it over with Thaud. Patchy tries again to get Lubch to agree with the contest, but still disagrees. This is to be continued...


  • This episode was inspired by the Be A Champion contest.
  • This episode was originally to have an easter egg, however, since this was posted on the last day of the contest, there was no time to do the easter egg.
  • This episode was made with Adobe Flash CS5. This is most noticed by seeing the way how Patchy gets dizzy which was done with the bone tool. This is the same with Lubch typing, and Lubch saying "What is it now, Patchy?"
  • Since this episode was made with Version 10 of flash, Version 10 is required to view this cartoon.
  • Patchy, other than Mony, is the only rejected character ever to have a name.
    • Also, they both have sketches at the end.
  • Since a regular "pfft" can't be done with text to speech programs, one was taken from an animation.
  • There is a single frame with a zoom blur on Lubch, done with Sumo Paint probably (the actual zoom blur image was saved from the flash decompiler and you can see it next to this text).
    Image 204

    Anyways, winners are going to be in... the zoom blur?

  • The graphic where Lubch screaming at Thaud and Patchy where he is big and they are small is reused, only when he screams at Patchy he has hands.


  • The link is clickable, but does nothing.
  • When Lubch gets the paper from Patchy, he has one hand holding it at first, but 2 hands at the next scene.
  • When Lubch punches Patchy, he is in mid air a bit.

    Lubch, in mid air? And same to Patchy too unless there is no line to make a ground?

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