The Squishables
Season 1, Episode 4/3
Date November 16, 2009
What-To-Do take pictures (Fake Smally)
Characters Random Squishable, Bodster, Fake Smally, Walky, Paley, Beamer, Bander, Hanger, Cerge, Quily, the REAL Smally
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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  • This was the first Season 1 Squishables episode to air in over a month.
  • Although the real title name for this episode is "Caught!", the movie briefly had the title as "Caught! Day 1". The Day (#)s aren't part of the title obviously.
  • This is the only Season 1 animation to use the shading style used in this episode (which were duplicated symbols darkened with lower opacity, and had part of it erased).
  • Bodster's bed is apparently purple. However, it is only on a plain white screen in this cartoon, and the only appearance of it.


  • The cartoon apparently had shadows in this one. However, when Fake Smally asks for more pictures after jumping from the speaker, the shadow doesn't follow along with the animation except for when he lands on ground.
    • Also, right before that, there is no shadow of Fake Smally when he appears from the speaker.
  • Bodster's bed's shadow doesn't appear to match up with the bed itself.
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