The Squishables
Season 1, Episode 1
Date October 6, 2009
What-To-Do N/A
Characters Bodster, Smally, Quily
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Episode Guide
Cookie Dough Part 2

In the very first The Squishables animation ever, Quily introduces Smally and Bodster to cookie dough, but Smally doesn't like it initially.


At the beginning of the episode, the title of the episode shows up in a black background. Next, it shows three squishables gathering around a piece of cookie dough. Quily picks it up and stated that Joe Cordi presented them cookie dough. Bodster and Smally looked at each other for a moment. Then, Smally slaps the cookie dough onto the ground from her telling her that they didn't have time for that. However, Quily told him a few more stuff about it before he changed his mind and responded that it was okay, but also told her that she could split it up that way she has one for home and one for fighting. Quily talks to the cookie dough about it that it will be a lie. Then the credits roll, along with a special announcement.

Voices of the Characters

Voice Actor/Actress Character
Allison (VoiceForge) Quily
Shouty (VoiceForge) Smally

Bodster appears, but she never spoke.



  • This is the very first The Squishables episode or animation to be released ever. It's currently 10 years old, making the whole series 10 years old as well.
  • This, along with the other two parts was based off of the cookie dough fundraiser at the creator's elementary school.
  • Bodster, Smally, and Quily were made for Ms. Bates, Ms. Gunderson and Ms. Roche respectively.


  • Only three squishables appeared in this episode, but the whole crew appears in the next one.



  • The cookie dough moves a bit when Smally and Bodster walk away from Quily.
  • Quily's lips looks a bit deformed when she holds up the cookie dough.


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