The Squishables
Season 1, Episode 3/12
Date Between October 18, 2009 & October 26, 2009 (Real Upload Date: October 2, 2013)
What-To-Do defeat the Evil Pie
Characters Bodster, Smally, Quily, Bander, Hanger, Walky, Paley, Cerge, Beamer, Cookie Dough Guy, Evil Pie
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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  • The episode was actually finished somewhere between October 18, 2009 and October 26, 2009, but for some reason, the creator thought it was late, so he never uploaded it.
  • There is no actual credits for this part of Cookie Dough.
  • Apparently as seen early in the episode, Cerge was apparently fighting with Smally, assuming that Cerge made a lie to Smally again between the second and third part.
  • For some reason, before we see the Evil Pie, Hanger's eyebrows were drawn with the spray brush tool.
  • Apparently with the EXTREMELY LATE release of this episode, we at least now know what happened at the end of the Cookie Dough saga.
  • For now, it's unknown who the Evil Pie was voiced by.


  • Bodster, Paley, Smally and Cerge are above of Evil Pie when they meet (see image above).
    • Not only that, but Smally and Cerge stop wrestling, but this might not be a goof, as they were staring him down.