The Squishables
Season 5, Short # 4
Date April 24, 2014
What-To-Do N/A
Characters Gampi, Flagstick, Symnel, Unnamed Professional, Whestlo, Bursle, Toppy, Tane, Octopuff
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
MP3's Arrival
Curtis Softball Fundraiser


The short starts with


(Gampi pops up from the screen with a background)


  • This is the first Squishables cartoon in 2014.
  • One of the career choices was "investment banking." Concidnetlally, the music playing during this cartoon is named "Banking Theme."
  • Everytime Bursle says something in this cartoon, Toppy says the line after him.
  • Both lines Symnel said in this cartoon both have the word "graph" in it. Also, they both involve drawing and pictures.
  • Unlike everybody else in this cartoon (not including the professional Symnel talked with), Tane only said one line in this cartoon. Everybody else said at least two.
  • This cartoon was animated mostly while in the size of 800 X 450, but was resized to 1280 X 720 after Nat29 finished animating this, and made a few touches (like fixing Symnel's arm's color) before converting this to a video.
  • The SurveyMonkey link was here, although now it is closed:
  • MistyEntertainment (creator of Adrellia Village) co-animated in this one, particularly the part where Symnel was talking with the professional (you can see an image of the scene above).
  • This will be the last cartoon done by Nat29 to use this mouth style. Starting with his next animation with speaking, the mouth style will be a mix of the old one and new one.


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