The Squishables
Season 5, Short # 5
Date May 15, 2014
What-To-Do N/A
Characters Toppy, Octopuff, Flagstick, Gampi, Whestlo, Bursle, Symnel, Tane
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Curtis Career Connections
Changing of Students Revelation


The short starts with Toppy


(Toppy arrives into the screen with a background)


  • This cartoon was based off the Curtis Softball Fundraiser in Nat29's school.
  • This cartoon was animated mostly while in the size of 640 X 360, but was resized to 1280 X 720 after Nat29 finished animating this, and made a few touches before converting this to a video.
  • This is the first Squishables animation and short to adopt the new mouth, shading, and drawing style. The styles are different since the mouth style is a mix of the old and newer style, the drawing is smoother, and there is dark and light shading now, similar to that of Homestar Runner’s.
    • This is also the first animation overall of Nat29 to adopt the new styles.
    • In addition, it’s the first time most (if not all) drawings are smooth since First Day.
  • All the Squishables (excluding Extop since she didn’t appear) had one line in this short.
  • This is the shortest short of Season 5 to include at least one member of the Squishables.
  • The only body that’s mostly reused in this short is Gampi’s since it was already smooth from Curtis Career Connections.
    • Octopuff also had a reused body from the Character Sketches file Nat29 has, but it was smoothed out.
  • All of the Squishables in this short share the same eyebrows, eyes, nose, arms (excluding Octopuff and Gampi), and mouth for a faster process in the making of this animation.
  • When this was first released, for some lines, mouth loops were used, and whenever the other mouth style was used, the inside of the mouth was darker. This was because Nat29 saw the information about the fundraiser the day before this cartoon aired, which basically meant he started to make the cartoon on May 14, 2014, the day before the deadline for this shrot. Eventually, the mouth loops were phased out completely, and the inside of the mouth got lighter.
  • This is the final short of The Squishables Season 5, and the final cartoon of Season 5 overall.


  • Bursle's chin didn't move during the cartoon. While this would normally be a goof, Nat29 hardly had any time to finish the cartoon, so that explains why the chin remained still, even after the cartoon update.
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