The Squishables
Season 2, Episode 5
Date October 14, 2010
What-To-Do Get double point stuff
Characters Mape, Lubch, Grate, Err, Beja, Thaud, Skippy, Explosve, Cee
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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The episode starts with Mape walking onscreen saying that she really got her Double Point Stuff this time.


Mape: (walking onscreen wearing a bag) I really got my Double Point Stuff this time!

Lubch: (offscreen) Just remember guys,

(Mape frowns, looking toward Lubch's Office Door, which appears onscreen and zooms in)

Lubch: (still offscreen) Mape is getting a fee for bringing in her stuff last!

(cuts to Lubch, happy)

Lubch: (onscreen) And if she didn't bring it today, well, she's a goner!


Mape: Gosh! How dare they!

(door is open, pans in on Mape)

Mape: How dare you guys! I brought my stuff!


Cee: Great! Now she's no goner! However, she still gets a fee $1.50 cents!

(text "Later,")

Mape: Well these? Free? No thanks? Gross!


  • This short is also inspired by Double Point Day.
  • This is the first episode to show Lubch happy without angry eyebrows.
  • The brown things on the plate is either poop, dirt or something else.
  • The squishable holding the plate of the free food is not a rejected character.
    • Also, the color of it is similar to Lubch's.


  • Although Mape "brought her stuff", it is not seen for the rest of the episode, either this means she put it somewhere so Lubch would think she doesn't have it, so she's a goner to him and the rest.
    • Also, if the door was open, Lubch would either get it or tell her to get it for evidence.
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