The Squishables
Season 5, Episode 2
Date November 18, 2013
What-To-Do Participate in an Evacuation Drill
Characters Speaker, Extop, Bursle, Flagstick, Gampi, Octopuff, Symnel, Tane, Toppy, Whestlo, Random Squishable
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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  • An episode for this topic has been forgotten to be made for many years, dating back to before the Season 2 characters even existed.
  • Originally this animation was called Fire Drill, but apparently the name was changed and although it was the same thing, it is mostly called Evacuation Drill now, so the title for this episode changed.
  • The teacher the creator had during the drill ACTUALLY wore a safety vest. This wasn't going to happen in the animation before.
    • Not only that, but the students were going to run out and go back in the opposite way, before making it a correct way.
  • In the real Evacuation Drill, anyone could talk, but not when this episode was planned to be finished years ago. However, the texting rule remained.
  • The Random Squishable that yelled and told everybody that there was a "fire", it was Smally's voice but pitched up.
  • Originally, the music that was going to be used for the scene where the students were waiting to go back in the school was a midi file called mwvblues, but the creator felt that TESTSND, a midi file hidden in MS Word's files (2000 version only), would suit the scene better.
    • TESTSND is also known as Transportation.
  • Before, the episode was much shorter, but seeing that the creator wanted it to be longer, he extended lines and added in several parts to several scenes.
  • Since the episode was originally not that long, the creator had to add many scenes to make it at least 1 minute and 30 seconds. It ended up being over three minutes (including the intro and credits).
  • TowelMarket contributed to a Squishables cartoon for the first time. He animated Tane taking out and putting away her phone, including her expressions during the phone part of the cartoon. However, Nat29 animated Tane texting on her phone.
  • The Random Squishable saying "Everybody! Everybody!" is an obvious reference to Homestar Runner.
  • This episode shows that if necessary, Gampi can extend his hands. In this episode, it's for writing and holding the work.


  • For recording the Announcer's lines, the creator actually typed "your" instead of "you're" when the Announcer said "while you're out in the track and field". He left it for now, since they sound familiar.
  • When everyone shushes Whestlo (excluding Octopuff), only Toppy and Bursle have lines of rows and columns for teeth. The rest have no lines of rows and columns for teeth.
  • Tane doesn't look all the way at Whestlo since her eyes move evenly when she shushes him.
  • Most of the announcer's lines have some slight noise in the computer noise, except for the part "And happy Monday!" This is because the cartoon was going to be released on Friday, then the creator changed it to Monday since his real latest Evacuation Drill was on a Monday at the time.
  • When the Squishables run out of the classroom, Octopuff has normal arms like everyone else.