The Squishables
Season 2, Short # 2
Date November 18, 2010
What-To-Do Send in food for Food Drive
Characters Lubch, Rejected character
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Be A Champion
Penny Harvest pt 1


The short begins with Lubch walking saying that nothing should be happening special, but he has a feeling that's something is special. He then finds out that there is something special: a food drive. He hoped that a car wasn't coming, but a car does drive into him, for that Lubch says "Those stupid food drives!". The rejected character (Homsao) says "Food Drive!" happily with two bags of food. Then it shows Lubch with a nose bleed, and a ambulance truck near. Then a narrator says a few sentences, as they are on the screen, and then the short ends.


  • This episode is inspired by the Food Drive.
  • This is the last time an animation is done for I.S. 61 (until this episode came out).
  • This is the last thing done for Season 2 of the Squishables for 2010.
  • The animation ends at Frame 761, but there is 842 frames in this flash. If you right click and click play it will be frames 762 to 842 of orange background and no sound or anything. After Frame 842, it redirects you to the start of the flash.
  • This is the first time the school building is seen outside of a Squishable episode.
  • A rejected character is seen in this cartoon. His name is Homsao according to mrcontesty.
  • If you pause while Lubch is walking (the scene after the closeup of the building and before he says "What the?") when he finishes saying his sentence, he will disappear for a single frame. His lip sync animation while he's walking is a movie clip and that's why.
  • The narrator at the end is a speeded up version of the voice of Homsao.
  • The name Homsao is similar to Homsar, a Homestar Runner character, but Homsao's name wasn't based off of Homsar's name.
  • As soon as this was removed from MegaSwf, it became YouTube only since Nat lost the flash file forever.


  • When the car comes up to Lubch (before he gets hit), One of his eyes pokes out of the eyebrow.
  • The ambulance truck is way too far from Lubch.