The Squishables
Season 4, Episode 3
Date March 2, 2013
What-To-Do Find out who has head lice
Characters Lubch, Ovel, Opex, Bock, Cee, Mape, Err, Dool, Mr. Toothins, Thaud, Chacel
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Episode Guide
National Croissant Day
Fiddler on the Roof


  • This episode never explained who had Head Lice.
  • This episode introduced a new character named Mr. Toothins.
  • In the video version, the Hidden feature is played right after the credits.
  • This is the first episode to have more than one person work on the episode, as Mabelma did 3 inbetweens for this episode, as well as the theater background for Fiddler on the Roof.
  • The papers on the students' desk were the actual head lice notice scanned.
  • Due to extremely low score somehow, this is currently no longer on Newgrounds, but it is on the Squishables website.
  • When this was first released, there was no Hidden feature, no music played during the Mr. Toothins scene, and it stopped at Opex saing "Oh yeah we're screwed."


  • During one line ((static) "I'm on TV, that's what!"), it was silent. It would be fixed, though.
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