The Squishables
Season 2, Episode 13
Date April 30, 2011
What-To-Do Go to the Staten Island Mall to participate in March of Dimes
Characters Grate, Err, Explosve, Skippy, Random Squishables, Mape, Cee, Lubch, Thaud, Skippy, Explosve, Beja
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Episode Guide
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New York State Testing Program Part 2 - Math


  • Two years and five months later, a video that showed mrcontesty working on some of this episode was released onto the account, although it was out of sync.
  • The YouTube link for it can be seen by clicking here.



  • When Grate, Err, and Explosve walk to Skippy looking outside the window, part of Explosve's hat is missing. If that wasn't enough, when she is shocked when Skippy says that she feels bad for the babies, the eyes she had before she became surprised were changed into one of the hat's colors, so they were actually visible as a different color if you looked carefully.