|season = 6 |number = 1 |image = PupilPathTrailer.png |airdate = January 28, 2015 |writer = Nathanael Cameron |what-to-do = N/A |characters = Tillotson, Grate, Err, [[Stoico], Bursle, Toppy |director = Nathanael Cameron |previous = New Teachers Revelation |next = N/A }}



  • The screenshots show that the background where Stoico is typically at isn't finished, although before Nat29 started to work on the trailer, that background was complete. It was later revealed that the images were made on January 20, 2015.
  • This trailer reveals that Grate and Err appear in the episode. This means that Grate will make her first appearance in two years and seven months, while Err will make her first appearance in a year and seven months.


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