The Squishables
Season 2, Episode Episode 3
Date October 5, 2010
What-To-Do Write about Ray Kroc for 15 points
Characters Mape, Lubch, Grate
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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In this episode, Lubch was forced to make sure whoever bought Ray Kroc information got 15 points. But, who got it? Find out in this episode.


(Lubch walks to back of school)

(Lubch grabs paper from Mape)

Lubch: Ray Kroc's birthday. No wait! Ray Kroc's birthday. No wait! (slow-motion) Ray Kroc's birthday. (normal) Wait did I even understand myself? We really do not have something to do with this- wait! So it's true! Fine! Make them send answers in tomorrow!

(Text "Tomorrow,")

(cuts to Grate looking at announcements)

Grate: Oh good! I think I might get 15 points today!

(Grate peeks at the Winning Hall, then looks shocked, then shows Mape getting 15 points from Lubch)

Grate: I think she got something good today.

Easter Egg Quotes

Easter Egg 1

(shows crowd, with Lubch on stage)

Lubch: OK I would like to welcome everyone to the first Family Tuesday Night. I know, it sucks, but let me tell you the boring features you get to-

(crowd boos, Lubch looks shocked)

Lubch: What?


  • This toon was inspired by Ray Kroc's birthday.
  • Some shots show shading of Lubch.
  • This episode marks the first time ever mrcontesty did a Secret section to one of his flash animations.
  • This is the first Squishables Season 2 episode to be done in October, and also the first with the credits made with the brush tool for drawing. However it is not fully, because the text "Happy Birthday Ray Kroc!" was typed. The first fully drawn credits in a Squishables Season 2 episode was Nature Walk, an episode made 2 days after this one.


  • If you notice when Lubch says "Make them send the answers in tomorrow!" there are white gaps when crossing his arms.
  • Grate's design is so wrong in this episode.
    • She's more purplish.
    • She's also more rounded and less square.
  • When Lubch walks in, there is shading. It disappears after and the shading is weird as well.
  • When Grate says she might get 15 points, her headband pokes out of her hair.
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