Season 6 is the sixth season of The Squishables that has been planned to go on from September 2014 to August 2015. The main characters from Seasons 2 to 4 (aside from Lubch, Thaud, Mape, Explosve, and Dool) might make cameos starting from this season. One student from Season 5 moved away and another failed one class and failed the Regents as well, but not by much. Two students took place of them as usual. Extop was in this season until before Accountable Talk Prompts (an episode), but she turned nice in this season, but receives a harsh male as her assistant and one particular student just so happens to have a cruel para as well (who's a female).

Animation Date Episode, Short, Announcement, or Trailer
Changing of Students Revelation September 4, 2014 Announcement
The Squishables Season 5 Memories November 1, 2014 Short
Annual Bake Sale Fundraiser December 18, 2014 Short
New Teachers Revelation January 1, 2015 Announcement
PupilPath Trailer January 28, 2015 Trailer
PupilPath Trailer # 2 February 19, 2015 Trailer
First Semester's Demise February 25, 2015 Short
PupilPath February 25, 2015 Episode
A Making of PupilPath Video February 25, 2015 Making Of Video
Accountable Talk Prompts Sneak Peek # 1 March 30, 2015 Sneak Peek
Accountable Talk Prompts May 11, 2015 Episode
Regents February 10, 2016 Episode


  • The school usually does Bake Sales instead of selling pretzels, so this is why Cerge's Pretzels shorts are permanently cancelled. However, a short advertising a bake sale was released during this season.
  • This season will eventually have more videos with the characters speaking other languages (Spanish, Latin, French, and Italian). The text will also be in another language.
  • This season had the very first animation to be in another language (Spanish).
  • Shorts will be up to 2 minutes (excluding intro and credits), while episodes are at least 2 minutes and 1 second (also excluding intro and credits), although so far, the only two episodes for this season are over 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.
  • This is the first season to have more than nine main characters. It originally had 11 since there were eight students, two teachers, and a para, but one of the teachers left for the remainder of the season, making it ten.
  • Stoico, who's the mean teacher in the classroom this season, lacks a nose, and is the first new main character in four years to lack a nose. Before he came around, Cee was the newest main character out of all the main characters in The Squishables to lack a nose.
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