Season 7 is the seventh season of The Squishables that has been planned to go on from September 2015 to June-August 2016. The main characters from Seasons 2 to 4 (aside from Lubch, Thaud, Mape, Explosve, and Dool) might make cameos in this season as well. Flagstick and Wiverpent aren't main characters in this season due to being switched with another student and having a Regents invalidated respectively. However, they, along with Tane, have become secondary characters for this season. Covlere and Ratent are the two characters that have took their place as main characters of Season 7. Extop returned in this season after temporarily leaving her job last season, but she still has her nice attitude in this season, but has a nice female assistant for this season instead of Stoico. However, no student has a para in Season 7. The classroom for Season 7 is based off of one of the real-life math classrooms in Curtis High School due to Curtis High School's new principal's (Mr. Jaenicke) favorite subject being math and being a former math teacher as well.

Animation Date Episode, Short, Announcement, or Trailer
Important Season 7 Information September 30, 2015 Announcement
Out of the Darkness Walk October 3, 2015 Short
A Making of Out of the Darkness Walk Video October 3, 2015 Making Of Video
Arista Meeting October 13, 2015 Short
Kidney Walk October 30, 2015 Short
Curtis vs. Wagner Basketball Game January 11, 2016 Short
Curtis High School’s 1st Annual “Winter Wonderland” Junior Formal February 26, 2016 Short
No More Aim February 29, 2016 Short
Summer Reading (Part 2) Trailer May 25, 2016 Trailer
The Squishables Season 6 Memories June 7, 2016 Trailer


  • This season will eventually have more videos with the characters speaking other languages (Spanish, Latin, French, and Italian). The text will also be in another language.
  • This season introduced a new eye style to the characters. It's a mixture of the Seasons 1-3 and Seasons 4-6 eyes. However, it was shortly changed to the original ones (the Seasons 1-3 eyes) as of Kidney Walk.
  • Beginning from this season, the thumb is now bigger than the pinky, making the pinky the shortest finger of the characters' hands. Before, the pinky was bigger than the thumb, and that was incorrect.
  • This is the first season since Season 2 to have more main female characters than main male characters.
    • Even if the secondary characters are included, that makes it eight females and five males.
  • Due to Stoico not being in this season and the three new characters having noses, all of the main characters has noses once again in this season.


  • Until February 29, 2016, the bold effect of the title for Curtis High School’s 1st Annual “Winter Wonderland” Junior Formal on the Episodes, Shorts, and More page was possibly too much.
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