The Squishables
Season 4, Episode 5
Date June 17, 2013
What-To-Do Prom slips handed out
Characters Err, Lubch, Thaud, Dool, Ovel, Bock, Cee, Mape
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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Purple Day
Summer Reading Pt. 1


  • This, other than Regents & First Day, was worked on the hardest and the most. Production started on January 7, 2013, making it in the works for 5 months, 1 week and 3 days exactly.
  • This is the first time the Squishables are shaded the entire time when their main bodies (when they are sitting at their desks and when at the board) aren't being used.
    • Originally this episode, too, was mostly unshaded.
  • Although several lines have mouth loops, a lot of them seem to have actual lip syncing. This is the first time lip syncing is done regularly since Penny Harvest pt 1.
  • Senior Prom wasn't planned to be a two-part episode, but to at least have something uploaded on the deadline, it was split up into two parts.
  • The permission slip seen when ripped is the actual one scanned, with the creator's name replaced with Ovel's name.
  • Opex is the only character that didn't appear in this episode. However, he will appear, and will even be the third one to talk in the next part.
  • Exedor helped with Lubch's arm movements when Lubch was talking to Ovel.
  • MistyEntertainment helped Nat29 with part of an inbetween when Dool, Ovel, and Err were looking at Mape when she arrived. He did Err and part of Dool, but Ovel was completely done by Nat29. He also helped showed an example of his characters shaded so they have the correct shading, which is the reason shading became permanent.
  • The part where Mape asked why did Ovel get a real permission slip when Err got a fake one was storyboarded. The only other part storyboarded was when Mape said it was definitely another attempt of Lubch's.
  • This will be the last episode of the Lubch era to have the regular credits, as the next episode will be the final episode of the Lubch era. However, the intro will remain the same in the next episode.



  • After a while when Ovel is ripping up the permission slip, the background's blur filter is gone. This is because Flash can't handle it at it's original size or larger. If the cartoon was a bit smaller, it might be possible that this glitch doesn't happen.
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