The Squishables
Season 1, Episode 5
Date December 9, 2009
What-To-Do Send Paley, find the Carol
Characters Carol, Paley, Smally, Beamer, Bander, Unnamed squishables, Hanger, Cerge
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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In the beginning, we see someone flying through the air. Meanwhile, Paley gets angry and asks Smally when will the Carol come. Smally was angry probably because he had no patience, so he removed him from the Squishable House. Paley went back into the house, crashing into Beamer's door. She thought Bander did it. In the morning, Smally presses a button at a table to send Paley. Others began to look at the sign. This also includes Hanger not being able to do her dance. Then, Beamer showed Smally that he crashed through that door. Smally thought that wasn't enough proof, so he kicked her out from her window. She was about to land on someone admiring another squishable because they were dating. Her falling caused the woman to leave and let her crash on her own. Then Smally was told by Cerge to die, although it's pretend because Smally is acting as Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Then the squishable who was flying in the air at the beginning sent Paley to Smally. Then it reveals to be Bodster, making Smally more angrier. That is all that happens.


  • This toon is a reference to A Christmas Carol.
  • This is the second cartoon to show unnamed squishables. The first was in Caught, where someone gets a picture taken.
  • This toon was being done at 17 fps at first, but due to Heart Chasers being the first 24 fps animation in Artoonix, the ending was done in the same fps.
    • Since Artoonix 1.10 was released on December 5, 2009, the movie was probably started before that date, most likely in late November 2009.
    • This movie was posted 4 days after the release of Artoonix 1.10.
  • When Smally is at the table to press the button to send the message out on the ceiling of the house, he has a picture of Link, meaning he is a Zelda CD-I fan.
    • Also, some clips come from Zelda CD-I anyway.
    • After this episode related to the school, there wasn't any Squishable stuff in December any more. It's been 3729 days since there was any Squishable-related-to-school stuff in December. As of February 24, 2020, the hiatus of Squishable stuff in December continues.


  • It is unknown how Beamer could look at Bander and he could look at her. This is impossible, unless the sides of the rooms have clear windows to see what other people are doing.
  • At the beginning, it says "Another Squishable Series". That doesn't make sense, it should be "Another Squishable Episode". The beginning is like it's a new series and not after the first episode.
  • When Paley says "When will the carol come?" he is in Bander's voice actually.
    • He was supposed to be in his voice, and additionally Bander was in the episode, but he didn't speak.
      • Also additionally, it may not make a huge difference since their voices are not too different. Paley is voiced by David and Bander is voiced by William.
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