The Squishables
Season 2, Extra 1
Air date May 7, 2013
What-to-do Complete and hand in lunch forms (Lunch Forms), Wear a mustache (even Lubch) (Mustache Day), Be prepared for the New York Times (New York Times), Buy a plant from the Plant Sale (optional) (Plant Sale), take the Final Exam (Final Exam)
Characters TBA
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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Overall TriviaEdit

  • A keen viewer may notice that the mouth loops MistyEntertainment made for Mrcontesty was used for New York Times and Final Exam. They were made well after the episodes' progress had begun, but they were used in those cartoons in place of the Wonchop mouth loops the cartoons originally had since Mrcontesty didn't want to steal from anyone anymore.
  • So far, this extra is currently on Newgrounds only.
  • This extra is longer than every single The Squishables cartoon to date.
  • The original title for this was "Unfinishedables Season 2," and was planned to be released for a while before it was really released. The title changed due to New York Times and Lunch Forms being completed, but unpublished.
  • For all episodes that had to be finished right before this extra could be released, they were drawn with the tablet and a different smoothing (50) as well.

Trivia (Lunch Forms)Edit

  • This is the only episode to be done in 2010, and had it been released, would've been the REAl Episode 3 instead of Ray Kroc.
  • The original frame rate for this was 30.
  • In one of the Season 4's comics, Mape had to give Lubch mail, but failed to since someone stole it from her. If this episode was released, anyone who saw both this episode and the comic would find out why Mape had to give Lubch his mail in the comic.

Trivia (Mustache Day)Edit

  • An alternate date for this episode to be released was March 5, 2011, but the creator failed to release it on that day as well.
  • The real Mustache Day coincidentally occurred the same day Weebl released his Moustaches song.

Trivia (New York Times)Edit

  • If New York Times was released, the four new Squishables from Penny Harvest would've made another appearance.
  • This was one of the only two Unpublishedables to be finished before progress for this extra actually begun. The other Unpublishedable that was finished before this extra's progress genuinely begun was Lunch Forms.

Trivia (Plant Sale)Edit

  • Had Plant Sale been released, the mouth loop in that episode would've been used for two episodes, as Hawaii Day used it as well.
  • This episode failed to be released due to personal reasons.

Trivia (Final Exam)Edit


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